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Your Pet A Superhero

Want to turn your pet into a superhero? Our portrait packages are an easy way to adore your furry critter or other pet – we don't discriminate – your pig, lizard, ostrich or other non-human pal can be immortalized in one of our portrait designs right from our easy online order site, whether he or she be covered with fur, feathers, scales, etc.

Your Pet

We know – your pet is cute. Maybe you want a special way to show off your animal companion to the world.

We’re here for that. You could call it a ‘boutique pet portrait shop.’ That's our business model, and it's one that we think has a lot of room to grow. These days, our pets are part of our families – increasingly, we keep them in our houses with us, dress them in little coats, and feed them carefully planned cuisine. So why not take their portraits while you're at it? It’s a funny idea, but it goes along with the times.


It's a superhero world. When Clark Kent goes into the phone booth and changes into Superman, he comes out in a way that attracts people's attention. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of extra superheroes show up since the days of Lex Luther and kryptonite. Just look at all of the movie franchises coming out in any given summer!

We have male and female superhero designs available, from Black Widow to Wonder Woman to Batman to The Flash or Green Lantern. The superhero culture is a kind of a generational bridge – people remember it nostalgically from the old days, but young kids are also still loving the superhero narrative, so your pet’s superhero portrait is really relatable to a large group of people. Superheroes are popular, for more reasons than one.

Just the News

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