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Important Bad Habits to Break in Your Dog

Important Bad Habits to Break in Your Dog

Effectively training your dog requires you and your pet. The goal you should have is to reward good behavior and to redirect or completely ignore unwanted behavior. When you have set clear boundaries, you can avoid confusing your dog or sending mixed messages and feel confident you have set them up for success.

By focusing on positive and reward-based training, you can create a sense of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog. Here you can learn more about positive dog training and some of the behaviors you need to work to correct.

Positive Dog Training Explained

The basic concept behind positive dog training is that a dog will repeat good behavior when you follow it with a reward. Many trainers opt for smaller treats along with constant praise to teach your dog it is showing acceptable behavior. Unlike some of the other methods, with positive dog training, you don’t have to administer physical punishments when your dog acts in a negative manner. Instead, you refuse the reward, which means the pet will learn not to repeat these actions.

In addition to providing treats to help celebrate and encourage good behavior, you may also be interested in additional training and behavior aids. Keep reading to learn more about the negative behaviors you need to work to correct here.

Barking When Visitors Come

If you want to prevent your dog from barking when visitors show up, you can redirect them to a “down-stay,” or a “sit-stay” position before you answer the door. Make sure you give the person visiting treats too, that they can give your dog if they continue to sit and stay. This will associate welcoming a visitor with polite behavior, along with delicious treats.

Jumping on Guests

Give your dog a cue to sit before they greet someone. Be sure you have treats available and reward your dog when they remain seated. Most dogs won’t be able to jump when they are seated. Be sure you let guests know they should ignore the dog until they have all four paws on the ground or are sitting. If your dog happens to jump up, guests should not engage.

Excessive Licking

Has your dog begun to lick more than usual? If so, get up and walk away from them or redirect their actions to something else. You can give them a toy or a treat if they stop licking, which usually works well.

Sitting on Furniture

There isn’t anything wrong with snuggling with your pet on the couch, but it is important that all members of the family are reinforcing the same boundaries. Figure out early on what exactly the limits are and stick with them to provide consistent training.

When you use positive reinforcement, you ill find you can teach your dog what is acceptable and what they should not do. This is going to help ensure they are well-behaved, which will be something that leads to a happier life for you and for your dog.